Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie never imagined he’d be 31 and still touring full-time as a professional musician. “I thought I’d be a worship pastor somewhere.”

In fact, that nearly became reality a little more than a year ago with Gillespie accepted a job offer at a church and prepared to move with his wife and then 2-year-old son. “We had our house packed, and we were moving,” he said.

The plan was to travel lightly, lead worship and continue making music in the vein of his first solo album, Anthem Song, which released in 2011. But, “it just wasn’t in the cards, and here we are touring full-time again.”

In the year since, he’s traveled the world with Platinum-selling band Paramore. What was initially a temporary gig remains ongoing. “I didn’t expect to have the privilege of playing with Paramore this long,” he said. “It was supposed to be a quick thing, and it just sort of evolved. So I actually made this record while on the road with the band during my downtime.”

Gillespie’s musical path began at age 14 when he co-founded Christian metalcore band Underoath then continued with the alt-rock band The Almost 13 years later. But leading worship has been a mainstay since age 15.

But this is one a departure Gillespie’s listeners won’t mind taking–even if it’s to path with an unknown direction. Because one thing’s for certain: there’s plenty of grace to be found in the wandering.

Bio courtesy of Aaron Gillespie.

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