Photo Credit: X-tof Hoyer.

Darren Eedens

Darren Eedens is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and musician. A seasoned performer, both of his own music and with others, he has created a style all his own.

Heavily influenced by classic honky tonk, folk and bluegrass pickers, he combines powerful playing with his unique voice to captivate anyone within earshot.  His music tells stories and bends truths while impressing audiences with depth, wit and an adept command of whatever instrument he's playing.

A compelling live performer,  he'll leap off of the stage and stand on your table, belting out lyrics while smiling, picking, grinning and drinking. Armed with his banjo, guitar, mandolin, or sometimes just his voice, a Darren Eedens show is not what you’d expect from a solo act. Put aside any assumptions you have about one man and one guitar -- with a wild, honest energy and powerful chops, once people see a live show they're left yearning for the next one.

Touring behind his recently released self-titled EP, you can see him on the road with his Loar LO-16 through Canada, Europe and the UK.

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