Elli Perry

Elli Perry began her career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist at age 12, when she started finagling her way onto barroom stages around her native state of Georgia. Since then, she has written, recorded, and produced multiple albums, toured aggressively across the United States performing in concert halls, clubs, and honky tonks, and busked on street corners and in train stations around the globe. Her wanderlust has inspired her to take to the stage and the highways with relentless energy, currently averaging more than 200 shows a year.

As of Summer 2013, Elli is on the road in support of her latest release, "The Salt & The Sea." This collection of songs, which has been described as "Southern Gothic Folk," was written after Perry moved to New Orleans from Brooklyn. The resulting work reflects the haunting sounds of her adopted home, as well as the dark beauty of her Appalachian roots. Aching vocals reveal stories of loss and doubt that could have been pulled from the pages of other pained Southern writers, like William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor.

In June of 2013, American Songwriter Magazine premiered Perry's music video for "Nothing/All," the first track from her new body of work. "The Salt & The Sea" was officially released to retailers and Internet outlets on July 30, 2013.

Elli became familiar with The Loar guitars after borrowing one from another artist during a long stint on the road. "I've spent years playing vintage guitars, and from the moment I picked up this instrument, it felt familiar. The tone, aesthetic, and playability are true to Golden Age instruments, but it is so much more -- fresh, vibrant, and resonant. These guitars are workhorses. I can't imagine being on the road without them now."

Elli Perry plays the LH-600 archtop and the LH-250 flattop.

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