Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo is a Jersey-born, Kentucky-raised, Philly-residing, relentlessly driven, soulful goofball. He has been traveling the country, playing music both solo and with his rock n’ roll band, Toy Soldiers since he graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in “Magic and Metaphysical Sciences". His mantra goes, “A song a day keeps the madness away” and he has embraced that through his often lighthearted and equally powerful songs of love, self and social commentary and tall tales.

He found his singing voice -- described as, “unique and powerful… 'otherworldly'” -- in a basement in 2007 while recording the first vocal take for “Throw Me Down”, an unfettered blues song that birthed the band and Gallo’s pursuit. He is currently working on his first solo album in Philadelphia with producer, fellow musician & good friend Reed Kendall, to be released in Summer 2014, tentatively titled "Fine Diners & Finer Whiners."

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