Sarah Church

Sarah Church was born a twin in Norton VA. She lived for a short time in the coal mining areas of Dickenson County before later settling in Danville, VA, the hometown of her mother Stephanie. Sarah's twin sister Savannah had always shown a strong interest in music but Sarah was more of a "whatever goes" type of child. She was happy in whatever situation life had to offer, "happy go lucky," so to speak.

Sarah began her musical career at the age of eleven. Sarah and Savannah had begun secretly singing and practicing songs they heard and liked but both were hesitant to demonstrate their talent, even to their family. On a ride home from church one evening, Savannah exclaimed from the backseat of the car "Mom! Listen to this," and they began to sing a song they had learned from television. It was in such perfect harmony, Stephanie recalls, that she almost ran the car off the road! Then and there the girls' mother knew they had some natural talent that demanded attention. Without wasting another moment, she entered the girls in a local talent competition where they won first place.

Since that early win, the phone has been steadily ringing and things have been moving very quickly. Sarah picked up the mandolin so that she could accompany the sisters' beautiful harmonies. From her first note, the entire family was amazed that she could chop in such good time and still be able to sing her harmony parts. In the beginning she was self-taught. Then she began listening to other mandolin artists such as Sierra Hull, Adam Steffey, and Chris Thile, and after a few lessons with renowned concert violinist Leigh Latchum, she has progressed quite nicely.

For four years Sarah has been traveling wherever music has taken her. In her short time of playing and singing professionally, her music has affected and inspired many.

Sarah exclusively plays The Loar LM-600 mandolin and loves the tone and the ease of playing it for audiences all over the east coast.

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