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Guitar World's Buyer's Guide - Loar LH-319 Feature

"The dual P-90 pickups give players a wide variety of tonal options for a broad spectrum of musical styles."

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Premier Guitar - Loar LO-215 Review

"If you’re looking for a different approach to the same old blues lead, this guitar could be just what the witch doctor ordered."

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VINTAGE GUITAR - Aug. 2012 Issue

"A singular experience, both in terms of playing and sound."

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LH-200 Is The 2010 Guitar Of The Year - Acoustic Guitar Forum

"Easy-to-play, good sounding instruments that are well-built and reliable - at a price point that makes it tempting to own several different models"

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Recreating American Classics

"Quality and tone far beyond their low price tags... The overall workmanship on these instruments is amazing"

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LH-200 Guitar Gets Rave Review in Vintage Guitar

The Loar's LH-200 Acoustic Guitar gets an incredible review in the July 08 issue of Vintage Guitar.

"Plays well, sounds great, and leaves a striking visual impression"

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Mark Of Excellence Award For LH-200

The Holiday 2006 issue of Guitar One reviews The Loar LH-200 and gives it the Mark of Excellence award.

"May make you rethink what constitutes greatness in a musical instrument."

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